Through our many years experience with various finishes and applications, AR Solutions are approved and accredited applicators for the highest quality, versatile and durable products available in South Africa – to name a few – Midas Earthcote, StonCor Africa, MCC, Technical Finishes, Dekster, Flowcrete, Cemcrete, and Africote, Union Tile and TAL.

Custom Concrete Kitchens, Bathrooms, Counters & Mouldings

For the best in designer concrete kitchens and bathrooms, designing and creating various styles with different textures and finishes, as desired by each individual client. We work closely with renowned interior designers and architects across South Africa.

Polished concrete reception desk

Concrete fireplace with Pandamo

Concrete kitchen island

Concrete off-shutter server

Concrete oven and hob

Off shutter concrete kitchen counter

Concrete stairway

Polished concrete counter top

Custom off shutter concrete bath

Single concrete vanity

Terrazzo bar counter

Pigmented concrete kitchen & floor

Concrete double vanity

De Zalze - concrete kitchen

Concrete server

Concrete Bathroom with Pigmented Plaster 3

Complete kitchen

Complete & Polished concrete Flooring

Cape Epic - Polished Concrete counter top 2

Canterlever Kitchen counter

Burman Brothers - Terrazzo Bar Counter 2

Burman Brothers - Terrazzo Bar Counter 1


Hermanus Kitchen during

Kitchen stucco

Molded Kitchen E.L. Stucco 2

Molded Kitchen E.L. Stucco

Off Shutter - concrete bath 1

Shelac Polished Counter & SL Floor

Sea Point Bathroom

Pigmented Plaster Lime White

On Trend - Terrazzo Counter Top 2

On Trend - Terrazzo Counter Top 1

Off Shutter Concrete Reception Desk 2

Off Shutter Concrete Reception Desk 1

Tidal Cote & Other Wall Finishes

Earthcote Tidal Cote brings the glistening seashores to your walls. This decorative plaster contains beach sand, recycled glass and natural mined additives, creating feature walls with natural lustre.


Applying Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl 2

Mother of Pearl Hout Bay Manor

Tidalcote & Rockwell Quartz Flooring (4)

Tidalcote & Rockwell Quartz Flooring (5)

Tidal Cote Beach Sand & Concrete

Tidal Cote Beach Sand

Tidal Cote & Rockwell Quartz Flooring

Tidal Cote

Tidal Cote

Stone Paint & Tidal Cote

Mother of Pearl

Dry Shake Colour Hardener

This is a granolithic concrete material that strengthens & colours concrete floors etc. It has exceptional abrasion resistance providing a very natural, organic & attractive finish.

Dry Shake Colour Hardener

Dry Shake Colour Hardener


Durbanville Molded Stairs - Colour Hardener

Dry Shake - Warm Sand - With Wooden Inlays

Dry Shake Colour Hardener - Charcoal

Dry Shake Colour Hardener

Dry Shake - Pool Coping

Dry Shake Colour Hardener - Patio

Epoxy & Polyurethane coatings

A resin based coating applied to concrete surfaces, floors & counters creating a seamless effect, with a clear or coloured finish for any space. Provides a hard wearing & hygienic surface resistant to chemical spills, scuff & abrasion resistant.

High Build Epoxy

Polyurethane lining 4mm SA Litho

High Build Epoxy

Stoncore White High Build Epoxy

Stoncore White High Build Epoxy

Epoxy Solidcote 2000 for Puma Store Jhb

Stoncore White High Build Epoxy

Sl Charcoal Epoxy

White High Build Epoxy

White High Build Epoxy

Lithium Densifier

Grey Epoxy

SL HB Epoxy

Midnight Oil Acrithane

Broadcast Aggregate & Clear High Build Epoxy

Polyurethane 6mm lining Lausanne Dairy

Polyurethane lining 6mm Deli Spices

Camps Bay Epoxy Floors

Camps Bay - Solidcote 2000 8

Camps Bay - Solidcote 2000 4

Camps Bay - Solidcote 2000 3

Camps Bay - Solidcote 2000 2

Alabaster Epoxy

After 3

After 2

After 1

White High Build Epoxy 2

White High Build Epoxy - Ergo Form 3

Weylands Solid coat 2000 Aggregate Based Epoxy

Weylands - Solid Coat 2000 Aggregate Based Epoxy 2

Upper Eastside Industrial Kitchen area

Upper East Side Hotel Laundry - High Build Epoxy

Upper East side Grey Epoxy

Solidkote 2000

Solidkote 2000 - Pappirus - Camps Bay 3

Solidkote 2000 - Light Grey -Puma Canbridge 2

Roodeblom Studios - Lithium Densifier

Roodeblom Lithium Densifier 3

Pumadur RT

Pumadur RT - SA Litho 1 (2)

Pumadur RT - 2 Military Hospital

Puma - Solidkote 2000 1

Optimal Energy Factory - Polyurethane

Observatory midnight Oil Acrithane 2

Mason Estate Solidcote 2000 3

Mason Estate Solidcote 2000 2

Marpay - HB Epoxy 2

Deli Spices - Pumadur RT 6mm 3

Deli Spices - Pumadur RT 6mm 2


Pandomo usage is feature walls, baths and floors. Pandomo is a resin-based stucco finished with Earthcote Wall Wax. This contemporary coating exudes a sensual veined look, with a super polished, smooth-as-glass feel.

Pandomo - Black Cat

Earthcote finishes

Pandomo - Toadstool 1

Pandomo - Toadstool 2

Pandomo - Toadstool 3

Pandomo - Shanty Red

Pandomo - Amaglass

Pandomo - Duzi Mud

Pandomo - Gargir Green

Pandomo - Vuvuzela Clay

Pandomo Walls

Pandomo Walls - Stellenbosch Home

Earthcote finishes

Screed & Concrete Stainer

A water-based stainer which penetrates raw concrete, cement screeds and plasters and reacts with the lime in these substrates to produce beautiful, swirling colour with a natural ’aged’ look.

Bark Cellar Wall

Boma at Klipfontein Game Park

Chemsatin with wood inlays

Chemstain Floor 3

Concrete stain

Rust & Bark with Quartz Mosaic walls

Bark Stainer - Wine Cellar

Screed - Rust & Bark

Chemstain Floor with High Build Epoxy

Concrete Stain

Blue Stone Moss & Rust Stainer

Pigmented Floorcote

Pigmented Floorcote is a contemporary coating that achieves hard wearing, utilitarian floor surfaces in a range of natural tones to offset any style of interior.

Pigmented floorcote - Broken White

Pigmented Floorcote

Pigmented Floorcote - Grey

Pigmented Floorcote - Autumn Vine Leaf

Pigmented Floorcote





Dimersfontein SL Kalk White

Dimersfontein SL Floor Kalk White

Camps Bay Earthcote Marble Grey SL

Camps Bay Earthcote Marble Grey SL

Camps Bay Earthcote Marble Grey SL

Camps Bay Earthcote Marble Grey SL

Camps Bay Earthcote Marble Grey SL

Marble Grey 6

Marble Grey 7

Marble Grey

Numi - SL Floorcote & Terrazzo 1

Numi - SL Floorcote

Ground Pepper

Kalk White

Marble Grey 1

SL Floorcote Bleached Rope (1)

SL Floorcote Bleached Rope (2)

SL Floorcote

Stucco & Pigmented Plaster

A traditional Italian style cement and lime-based decorative plaster that can be worked to a smooth, polished finish with a soft, sophisticated even mottled look.

Fire Place Cemcrete Satincrete

Frost on Grass 2

Frost on Grass

Mal Pitt Grey 2

Natural 4

Pigmented Plaster

Slade Stucco with mosaic tiles

Stucco slate

Pigmented Plaster

Slade Stucco

Ice White Stucco

Natural Stucco

Natural Stucco

Stucco Wall with Antique Effect

Terrazzo & Polished Concrete

It is a cement base, utilizing different aggregates – coloured glass, stones, shells & metals in flooring & wall systems, through various stages of grinding & polishing this results in a finish where the aggregates are exposed. Creating a seamless, warm & hygienic finish.

Black slate chip Terrazzo

Polished concrete

Polished concrete

Polished concrete

Polished concrete

Polished concrete counter

Polished concrete floor


Terrazzo in kitchen

Terrazzo in kitchen

Beige Terrazzo


Noordhoek Driveway

Polished Concrete - Regent Insurance JHB

Polished Concrete - Regent Insurance JHB

Power Floated Concrete

99 Cents - Polished Concrete

99 Cents - Polished concrete

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